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The PandaQ is a collection of 8,888 distinctive Pandas that link together in the Ethereum blockchain. The collection will be available in the Opensea marketplace.

Each Panda is unique, based on 200 of well-designed elements that define Panda as an extremely rare and seldom-seen character.

Joining the ranks of Panda means being part of one big community that believes in blockchain and decentralised future.


Of PandaQ NFT:


After getting into the whitelist you can receive 20% off the sale price and also save on gas fees.

Everyone involved in the presale will have the chance to claim exclusive PandaQ NFTs, of which only 10 will be available.

NFT merge

Anyone with any two Adult Panda NFTs will have the opportunity to get a free Panda Junior NFT.

This NFT will be obtained by filling in the form. Each Junior NFT will be handmade within 3 months.


Projects under development on Pandaq Launchpad will receive at least 80% of the proceeds from sales.

Of which 10% will go to Pandaq NFT holders
and the remaining 10% will go to cover Launchpad costs.

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Here is what we have planned for this project.

Panda NFT

First phase of the Panda NFT. In which you will see pandas that have never been seen before, distinguished by their abundance of detail and uniqueness

2022 Q2

Panda Junior NFT

The most important stage in the life of any mammal is the production of offspring. We will of course take that into account here as well. By mating any two Pandas, you get the real surprise - Panda Junior!
2022 Q2

PandaQ NFT Launchpad

The PandaQ launchpad will have the following functionalities:
- Whitelist gathering
- Collection generation
- Branded store functionality
- Wide selection of marketing tools
2022 Q3 - 2022 Q4

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Our team

These are the team members who manage and build the project together with the art director. Other team members contribute by managing social networks, marketing and other tasks.

Panda Artist

Famous Sculptor, creator of collection

Panda Boss

Founder, Business Dev and Marketing

Panda CEO

Operations, Marketing and Partnerships

Panda COO

Operations, Marketing and Partnerships

Panda Dev

Blockchain Expert & Web3 developer.

Panda Dev

Blockchain Expert & Web3 developer.

Panda Manager

Moderator of all Social media channels.


Whitelist is an opportunity to get Pandaq NFT first. The presale price will be 20% lower.

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